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NSF E - Combi-System

The new flexible solution to integrate portable equipment into a combi-system. 
The NSF E system control panel provides the possibility to combine up to four existing or new units into one single phased system and to manage their operation via a central control while providing the maximum of operational comfort and highest safety. Through its connection to the system control panel, each of the devices is integrated into a control and safety concept adapted to the requirements of cable diagnosis, testing and fault location. 
The NSF E system control panel has an integrated, adaptable control with rotary encoder. This control can be configured for almost any device. The control includes power switches, HV On/Off, Emergency Off and an integrated FU/EP safety system. 
Key benefits:
Manages HV components up to 60 kV
Highest safety by the FU/EP Safety System
Multilingual Display
No additional cabling required
Optional motor switch for the HV outputs